SHARE: Synergise • Harmonise • Acquire • Rejuvenate • Exchange.

Artistic Excellence. To synergise creative presentation with a multidisciplinary approach, strengthening ODT Ltd’s unique contemporary arts voice.

Igniting creativity. An opportunity to showcase incubated artists, and/or collaboration with other creative artistes / entrepreneurs, harmonising the effects of various art forms in preparation for a presentation.

Continual development. We recognise the need for continual development for all creative artistes / entrepreneurs. This training programme will allow creative artistes / entrepreneurs to extend and enrich their skills, acquiring knowledge as well as paving the way for new possibilities.

Redefining the skills and talents of 21st century creative artistes / entrepreneurs. This series of dialogues will equip creative artistes / entrepreneurs of diverse forms, coming together to share, contemplate and debate.

Developing a community of passionate creative artistes / entrepreneurs. An invitation to the community of creative artistes / entrepreneurs coming together to share their passion through dialogues, presentations and exchanges to diverse communities.